Jul. 2nd, 2017

Minor peeve

Jul. 2nd, 2017 05:34 pm
juliet: Shot of my bookshelves at home (books)
Current minor aggravation: Hugos nominees who have provided their story/novel/whatever in PDF format only and with a watermark across each sodding page. This makes it very difficult to read. And suggests a level of mistrust that is annoying. If people really want to rip a book then they can and will; Hugos voters are surely unlikely to be a major factor in this? (And in general AIUI all the evidence is that you're better off just putting stuff out there without DRM and other similar frustrations.)

I am also a bit narked at the ones who provided an excerpt rather than the whole thing, but perhaps that is unreasonable of me. It does make it much harder to judge against a book where I've been able to read the whole thing, and simply on that basis I'm going to vote them further down the list. Which is, I imagine, not what they wanted.

Having said that, the one case of this on the Novels list was The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin, and off the back of the first ten pages I wouldn't have read the rest anyway. She's a good writer & all that but way over my "unpleasant things happening" threshold.

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