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Totally failed to go to either of the parties I wanted to go to last weekend, due to my knee being out of action YET A-BLOODY-GAIN. It's a little better this week, and I am back doing the physio exercises from last time again, because they did actually *work* last time, albeit over a period of about a year. On the upside, geared bike is once again in action so I don't have to stomp up Hornsey Rise (twice) or Muswell Hill (once) on 72" gear again.

Did go down to Mum & Dad's for belated birthday lunch, which was lovely, both in terms of getting to hang out with family, & in terms of the fact that lunch contained two of my favourite things in the world, viz, roast potatoes, and blackberry-and-apple crumble. Which is a good thing for a birthday lunch :) Then came back to Bermondsey and there was home-made pizza.

This week I have mostly been trying to finish knitting my second pair of nice warm socks before I have to teach again & therefore need them to keep my toes warm; going back to the osteopath (not content with knee/hip breaking down, neck is now joining in*); and writing (assorted work articles are due soon, and I really ought to start pitching some other things).

Tonight: curry! Also keeping a surrepitious eye on Twitter for #appletablet news (why yes, I am something of a Mac fangirl, why do you ask?).

* I haven't been for 6 months, so we had to do the medical history thing all over again. I am getting a bit bored of reciting my medical history to people after the last few months. But it was kind of entertaining when we'd got through the "so why are you here?" part (nice simple upper back/neck, probably triggered by poor posture), & then I told her all the *other* stuff. "So... there's quite a lot going on there." Yes, yes, there is.

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