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Things I have been doing this week:

  • Harvesting weeds and experimenting with herbal teas from actual herbs (thyme with a little honey is good for sniffly blocked-up-ness, it seems).
  • Hanging out with Finlay, who continues to work hard on his "lying down and snoozing" skills. He's also getting much better at down-stay, & will now stay put for long enough for me to go upstairs & fetch things, as long as I do it quickly. (This is good as the stairs aren't great for his hips, really.) His ear infection is back, so ho! for the vets where he behaved very very well until he tried to bite the vet :/ whilst having Ear 2 examined, after which he behaved very very well again. I am a little concerned but hoping it was a one-off and will spend time prodding at his ears to teach him not to react. This evening we have found out that he likes chestnuts.
  • Visiting [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug and [livejournal.com profile] bathtubgin -- lovely to see both of them! Finlay came too, and we went for a nice walk around the common.
  • Starting New Job! Except I'm not properly working yet because I need to observe lessons before I can teach them. First observation is tomorrow afternoon.
  • Fixing sysadmin-y things for the Organisation for Transformative Works.
  • Starting in on the Russian-learning again from the free online version of the Princeton Russian Course, which (so far) is very good. I am moving very slowly through it. привет!
  • Dealing with the Continuing Sciatica Saga. Vascular surgeon confirms that it is sciatica rather than Exploding Leg Disease. Nice sports/remedial massage person charged me a really quite reasonable sum of money to cause me significant pain in a hopefully-therapeutic fashion (it does feel better today, after aching like hell post-massage. GP has promised to refer me to physio. Progress!
  • Going climbing! Which is probably not good for the leg but hey, I FAIL TO CARE, because if I let my various joint issues stop me from doing stuff then I would have been stapled to the sofa for the last several years. (Except sitting on the sofa hurts atm too, so, um.) Anyway. I am improving! Also I fall off at intervals. Both of these are good things. (Falling off because that implies I'm trying to climb beyond my abilities, which is how you improve, right?)
  • Baking biscuits. Mmm tasty biscuits.
  • Contemplating NaNoWriMo.
  • Buying books at the Anarchist Bookfair. Which was top fun.

Right, that will do.

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