Jun. 5th, 2009 04:53 pm
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A quick post from Tahiti, where I've just had a very welcome few hrs ashore after getting on for 2 weeks on board the MV Hansa Flensburg. Which is a very nice ship, but even so it's not that large to spend 24 days on.

My cabin is enormous, which is good as I'm spending a lot of time in it. (Sofas, DVD player, desk, bookshelves: all most luxurious.) I was intending to upload some photos but the connection here is a bit erratic & the French keyboard is infuriating; so it'll have to wait till the US.

Tahiti is warm, mostly. I'd have liked the opportunity to see more of it than just Papeete, but with only 10 hrs ashore and no transport it wasn't really feasible. So I spent much of the afternoon sat in a cafe in the central market, drinking beer and listening to a band that did a couple of hrs' set. They kept getting various (obviously locally-known) folk up fron the audience to sing for a bit, and it was all very cheerful and suitably Friday-afternoonish.

I also had pizza for lunch. The food on board ship is fine, but not wildly veggie-friendly, so I'm eating a lot of boiled potatoes with avocado salad, and occasionally peas. I like potatoes quite a lot, but after a while they do begin to pall a little.

Anyway: all going well, due into Ensenada in 9 days, and then Oakland 2 days after that.

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