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Executive summary of Confest: enormous amounts of awesomeness, many very splendid people, some challenging stuff that I'm still processing, lots & lots of dust, lovely river, naked dancing by fire to drumming (hello am big hippy), did I mention the awesome people?

More to follow. Am bloody knackered now due to 13 hr drive home (shared driving with Chris, who is an excellent person to share a 13 hr drive with due to a) not minding my music, b) not minding my singing, c) singing as well!, & d) politely pointing out when I'd forgotten about 5th gear rather than demanding that I stop the car forthwith & let him drive it instead.

I am now showered & moderately clean (my feet are going to take some soaking to get *all* the dirt out... it was really very dusty). Tiredness can be measured by fact that I got into the shower and stood waiting for the water to heat up for a good couple of minutes before I realised that I'd put the cold tap on. Then spent next 5 min trying to work out whether the taps are the wrong way round, & which way round which of the Four Squares taps are. But due to consumption of coffee at 21:30 to do last bit of drive am now wired at same time as tired, thus on internets rather than e.g. asleep. Also am scared will have enormous post-festival emotional crash the moment I stop doing stuff.[0]

In less good news: opened fridge to find SOMETHING SCUTTLING OMG FUCK. I screamed quietly & shut the fridge again v fast. CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW HOW THE HELL DID IT GET IN THERE ARGH. Maybe it's a big hairy spider that came in with the bananas rather than a cockroach. We can but hope.

ANYWAY yes hot chocolate now. Hello!

[0] 'Hm,' I thought on the way home, 'actually I haven't had major post-festival crash for ages! Maybe I am better at dealing with it these days.' Then I realised that these days, the Bermondsey Collective in some form or other gathers up at our place for the days/evenings immediately post-festival & thus crash is nicely cushioned. Oh dear. I anticipate tomorrow being a bit *hairy*, esp with article deadline as well. Pls send fluff.

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