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Having finally got the contract through, I now feel OK to mention this in actual public: I have a story forthcoming in this anthology (that's the call-for-submissions; it's not up on the site elsewhere yet), hopefully coming out in November or so. This is, obviously, a very pleasing thing. I shall tell you all when it's available for purchase (in ebook format, I think, since that's what Drollerie mostly do).

Other happy things:

  • Hanging out with [personal profile] cesy and [personal profile] watersword for a couple of hours in the pub on Friday. There was much animated discussion of many things!

  • Catching up with assorted Earthlings on Saturday. Torrential downpours made the original Angel & Greyhound Meadow plan unadvisable, but happily the A&G also exists in pub form, where there are very nice portobello-mushroom-burgers.

  • Setting the world to rights over Chinese with [personal profile] devi and [personal profile] doop.

  • DougStock 10 meetup last weekend, where there were many splendid people.

  • Doing LOTS OF WORK yesterday but it being actually productive.

  • Climate Camp Cymru being on a new site today! (after eviction from the previous one on Saturday). Awesome work.

I think there was more stuff, too, but I forget. Possibly I had a link collection, but Firefox crashed and wiped all my tabs. I choose to see this as a CLEANSING FIRE experience.

Later this week I am off up to Edinburgh for Climate Camp 2010, targetting RBS (funding climate change with *our* money). We'll be there over the weekend, so if you find yourself at a loose end, come up and visit!

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