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I was subjected to TV for the first time in about 5 months today (sat in hostel lounge, which has large TV which other ppl came to start watching). I was not particularly edified by this experience.

However, it did remind me that I've also been paying v little attention to any sort of news, since I left the UK. Whilst I have no intention of getting my news from the TV, now or probably ever (and the 10 min of TV news I saw today merely confirmed this bias), I'm not actually sure what a good source *is*.

Thus I turn to the internets. Where do you get your news from? Bearing in mind that I really want to spend as little time on this as is commensurate with being a reasonably well-informed citizen, and also that I am a cynical hippy-type who mistrusts the media in general[0].

TBH I'm far from sure that it's not better for my mental state to avoid the news altogether unless something is pushed on my awareness (e.g. via LJ/DW, or *really big* newspaper headlines, but see above re informed citizen.

I could of course rely on [personal profile] dogrando going DID YOU SEE over IM when he reads the Guardian alert email, but this seems like cheating.

[0] Ideally of course this would entail seeking out multiple sources & cross-referencing etc etc but see above re time, also IME this just ends up making me cross, especially if any of those sources are e.g. the Telegraph.

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