juliet: Head-shot of my dog, Finlay (finlay head)
Just returned from the emergency vet -- Finlay's been throwing up all day & we finally concluded that a) he wasn't going to stop of his own accord, & b) he was sufficiently miserable & dehydrated that we had to do something. He's being kept in there for IV fluids, blood tests, & general monitoring; *hopefully* we can collect him tomorrow but it may be all weekend. Most probable cause is a bad reaction to his painkillers (his hips have been giving him trouble so we've already been in the regular vet's twice this week).

They had to carry him out of the vet office (he was doing his Passive Resistance thing) & I bravely managed not to actually blub until he was out of sight. (He must think I've abandoned him! I did leave a T-shirt with him, at least.) Also he's been looking at me all day in a "please to be fixing this" way (& had his head on my knee in the taxi) so I feel like a terribly rubbish dog-person because I can't just make it better. Wah.

Anyway. Hopefully tomorrow he can come back home & we can crack on with working out what the problem with his legs is. *sigh*. Emergency vet is all the way over in Streatham, so it was all a bit *epic*.

In better news: splendid NYE party last night at [livejournal.com profile] marnameow & [livejournal.com profile] sbp's place. Lovely people, lovely food, lovely booze, & despite the increased security at Stalag Lockwood, you can still get up to the roof to see the fireworks over at the Eye.

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