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Update on my meanderings through QLD! I am now safely arrived at Agnes Water. The bus reached Fingerboard Road (having provided entertainment in the form of Intolerable Cruelty en route: score), and lo! it was a patch of gravel off the side of the road, with a whole lot of nothing surrounding it and a (closed) roadhouse up the way. But! there was also a shuttle bus for Agnes Water, which took me (the sole customer) the 40k or whatever into town (this appears to be some kind of deal with Greyhound, in that I didn't pay any more money for it), and delivered me to a hostel.

So now I have a bed, a beer, access to electricity, and all hail Telstra, for lo! the modem works still.

(I was intending to camp here as well as on the island, but I didn't fancy setting up at the cheap public campsite (or indeed anywhere else) in the pitch black tonight, and the cost of a bed here is about the same as the cost of a pitch at the campsite down the road for tomorrow night. (And here they are helpful about things like sorting you out transportation to the marina for 6am.))

Only downside: the shuttle bus dude says there's no surf atm :( Oh well, I will go swimming instead, & then I will sit on the beach for a bit. And then I will do some work (deadlines this week!).

night all.

ETA: I have found where they're keeping all the stars! In the middle of nowhere in Australia. Even better than at Confest because it's a new moon atm. I am hoping *very hard* for clear skies when I'm out on Lady Musgrave Island.

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