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Various people on my FL seem to be logging in with openID over on Dreamwidth, or picking up accounts. (I'm at juliet over there.)

NB: anyone who's set up an OpenID over there & validated an email address for it by the 30th will get an invite code automatically at open beta (possibly these will be dished out over a couple of days to spread the load a bit). OpenID is where you log in using your LJ username & site identity, basically, and LJ does the work of confirming that you are who you say you are.

The crossposter is now available over there (hurrah! for I am lazy), although still not 100% functional, so I'll likely be crossposting most things now. If anyone who's on both wants to take me off their FL on one or 'tother to avoid seeing posts twice, obv feel free[0].

I should do some work. Yes.

[0] Well, feel free anyway. I am not given to pram-toy-throwing on the subject of friending/access/subscription/whatever it's called wherever you happen to be. On which point: I'm still not reading all of my FL over here on a remotely regular basis, because ENOTIME. There's currently no reading-page filtering on DW, so I may end up removing subscriptions over there at some point, at least temporarily, if keeping up starts being hassle. The joyous thing is that I can now do this without also removing access to *my* locked posts; not that I make very many. Hurrah.

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