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Hurrah, another story out.


(Only just realised this, despite having looked before, due to their website being a bit counter-intuitive.)

In other news, I have begun revising the novel I’m working on at the moment. It is a bit like trying to put together a really big jigsaw puzzle in several dimensions, when you keep discovering that some of the pieces are missing, and other pieces that aren’t missing are actually from another puzzle altogether.

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I hate editing. (She says, 8 pages down, 16 to go. Deadline Monday, which really means today or at most tomorrow for practical reasons.)

I keep not blogging here, because I haven't blogged here, because (insert customary spiel re catching up and not feeling able to catch up and...). I blog over there sometimes and it propagates magically over here, but I am less inclined to write personal-ish posts there.

Anyway! Stuff! Things! Leon is 2, using more and more complicated language structures (pronouns are very tricky), and obsessed with the written word (with particular reference to tube station names). I am writing about computer history for Linux Voice which is fascinating and great fun; trying to write more fiction; and doing more permaculture work. Yesterday I gave a talk at the Edible Gardens Show, which I think went OK, and will probably blog about next week. Bloody terrifying though; it's the first time I've spoken in public for years&years. I doubtless talked too fast.

Time is elusive. I am sure there used to be more of it. Or I used it better? (Every time I angst about this I remind myself that I used to not have a kid, and children are kind of time-sinks. In a good way, mostly.)

I am making more things, though. Sewing especially. I still love knitting, but sewing is quicker.

So. Things. Misc. There you go.


Nov. 24th, 2013 08:36 pm
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

Slightly belatedly, I have a story, “A Dangerous Magic”, in Silver Blade issue 20.

I also have a story, “Blocking”, forthcoming in Strange Bedfellows from Bundoran Press. That won’t be out until April 2014 but I am greatly looking forward to it.

(There are another couple of stories on their way which I don’t think have been formally announced yet so I won’t mention. But I am very excited about them too.)

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Tales of the City (OQ 2.1 on that page) is now out in ebook form. The dead-tree version is due out at the end of next week.

There are two reviews available on the Obverse Books site, both of which are pleasingly positive.
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The splendid "Tales of the City", Obverse Quarterly Year 2 Book 2, is now available for pre-order (a little way down that page) for £9.99. (Or you can subscribe to the whole year's worth of books for £28 on the same page.) That's for the paperback; ebook will be available but can't be pre-ordered.

All the stories are great, which I know because I got to read it in advance due to one of them being mine. They're all set in the City of the Saved, the description of which I shall pinch from the pre-order page:

"Beyond the end of the universe exists a city the size of a galaxy, packed with every human being that ever lived, from the first Australopithecus to the last post-human, resurrected in a city in which nobody can die...or rather, that used to be the case."

A couple of trailers are available on the blog of the editor, Phil Purser-Hallard: for Blair Bidmead's story and for Elizabeth Evershed's story.

In other news, Leon is doing splendidly and if I'm not mistaken, is about to wake up and demand feeding...
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I have my first published story out in this anthology, now out in ebook & at 15% off! Am inordinately excited :) I've been reading the other stories as well, now that I've got my contributor's copy, and can whole-heartedly recommend the whole book.

"Magic that detects crime, magic that heals, magic that destroys: all this and more and in hands of queer women who use their powers to shape their worlds and their destinies."

Salt Water

Sep. 16th, 2010 12:28 pm
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I have a short story, 'Salt Water', in this month's issue of Eclectic Flash. Available for free online, or as a hardcopy from Lulu.
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Having finally got the contract through, I now feel OK to mention this in actual public: I have a story forthcoming in this anthology (that's the call-for-submissions; it's not up on the site elsewhere yet), hopefully coming out in November or so. This is, obviously, a very pleasing thing. I shall tell you all when it's available for purchase (in ebook format, I think, since that's what Drollerie mostly do).

Other happy things:

  • Hanging out with [personal profile] cesy and [personal profile] watersword for a couple of hours in the pub on Friday. There was much animated discussion of many things!

  • Catching up with assorted Earthlings on Saturday. Torrential downpours made the original Angel & Greyhound Meadow plan unadvisable, but happily the A&G also exists in pub form, where there are very nice portobello-mushroom-burgers.

  • Setting the world to rights over Chinese with [personal profile] devi and [personal profile] doop.

  • DougStock 10 meetup last weekend, where there were many splendid people.

  • Doing LOTS OF WORK yesterday but it being actually productive.

  • Climate Camp Cymru being on a new site today! (after eviction from the previous one on Saturday). Awesome work.

I think there was more stuff, too, but I forget. Possibly I had a link collection, but Firefox crashed and wiped all my tabs. I choose to see this as a CLEANSING FIRE experience.

Later this week I am off up to Edinburgh for Climate Camp 2010, targetting RBS (funding climate change with *our* money). We'll be there over the weekend, so if you find yourself at a loose end, come up and visit!


Nov. 4th, 2008 01:14 pm
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I have a short story published in an online magazine!

Which is quite exciting, really.


Nov. 4th, 2008 01:14 pm
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I have a short story published in an online magazine!

Which is quite exciting, really.

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