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Last week was really tough. Up to Aberdeen & back for my much-loved Uncle Ian's funeral at the start of the week. He was a lovely, generous, life-embracing man, and I still find it very hard to believe that he's gone. He was increasingly unwell over the last couple of years, but my clearest memories of him are from before that: introducing me to curry (his signature dish) when I was little; pouring me large glasses of red wine when I was rather older; loud and exuberant discussions and huge hugs whenever I visited. We used to stay with them when visiting Aberdeen when I was little, and Wendy and I were bridesmaids to their daughter Carol (the embarrassing photos are still in my parents' living room...). They came to Wendy's clarinet recital when she was at Leeds, and I have slightly wine-fuzzy but positive memories of the dinner afterwards, which is a snapshot of my memories of him: happy, entertained and entertaining, with friends & family, over good food and drink. I will miss him. The funeral went well, and I'm very glad I went up. for it.

Then there were two days of panicked catch-up on my return; and this week is going to be alarmingly busy (3 meetings, day-long life modelling gig, day visiting [livejournal.com profile] angelmine, lunch with a friend, huge long list of Things To Do to fit around it all). And I'm still a little emotionally done-in. Argh.

Today I have done Many Useful Things. And drunk some coffee.

That is all.

ps I hope this doesn't come across wrong, but: could we take condolences on Uncle Ian's death as read? I know that you're all lovely people who sympathise, and I don't think I can handle lots of LJ/DW comments on the subject right now. Feel free to say something if you see me in person, of course.

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