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Merry Xmas to those as celebrate it!

Xmas Day started off auspiciously with the dog throwing up. No Xmas dinner for him, then. (We might try him on some boiled potatoes. He doesn't like carrots anyway.)

A certain amount of present-exchanging has been going on. I have given Marna her present. WARNING: do not click on that link if you do not wish to read very very wrong (if quite amusing) HP Baxxter*/Bill Drummond slash (non-graphic). (If you don't know what that sentence means, &/or you are my parents - hello! - either a) ask me, or b) don't read it, you probably don't want to.)

More suitable for readers of a delicate, or any other, disposition is my Yuletide gift, which is fic for "The Swish Of The Curtain" by Pamela Brown, and is seriously awesome. ("The Swish Of The Curtain" is a book I absolutely adored as a kid, and the fic is bang on in terms of style & story. Thank you, mysterious author!). I cannot as yet link to the couple of things I wrote for Yuletide this year, because authors are secret till New Year's Day. (But have already had a comment from the recipient of my actual assignment, and she likes it. Hurrah.)

In other gift news, [profile] uon has given me ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE NOM NOM NOM (& also climbing shoes, which were acquired a couple of weeks ago, & are the *business*); Marna has given me a lovely silver-and-glass bracelet; and Pete has given me a book about mushrooms, possibly prompted by the several hours I spent a while back trying to identify some mushrooms that appeared outside our front door. Also a new saddle to replace the one that some *total scumbag* nicked from my bike outside St Martin's last weekend (it is on its way. The only saddle in the world that I appear to get on with comes from TV's America & therefore takes a while to ship).

Next order of business: POTATOES um sorry I mean XMAS DINNER GENERALLY (but especially the potatoes).

* Him Out Of Scooter.

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