juliet: Me sat on the side of a mountain with my snowboard, all bundled up in boarding kit (snowboarding)
[personal profile] doop & I just spent a week in Les Arcs (somewhere in the Alps... not actually sure exactly where, but it took us about 5 hrs by train from Paris) throwing ourselves down mountains. Snowboarding is a very splendid thing, even if it did take me half the week to remember what the hell I was doing. Mountains lovely, injuries mostly moderately minor (though d did get to visit the doctor on day 1 after crocking his elbow).

Beastwatch: 4 penguins, 2 leopards, a koala, and a Jersey cow, all on skis; and Batman on a snowboard. (He waved at me, then fell over.)

Actual beastwatch: lots of tiny birds! And what looked a lot like hare tracks, but no actual visible hare.

ION: I am clearing out drawers again, & have a nice set of straight knitting needles, in a nice zip-up red case, that used to belong to my Mum. I never use straight needles, so really they ought to go to a better home. Anyone want them?

(While I'm at it: despite my best efforts to offload the lot on anyone who expressed even mild interest at my party, I still have a couple of copies of that book about Linux that I wrote to give away. Anyone want one? Happy to post.)
juliet: My old PowerBook in pieces all over the desk (tech mac insides)
The Book (Linux System Administration Recipes) is out! I have also received my author copies, which I am not entirely sure what to do with. But they are shiny, and one of them now lives on the shelf.

(Apparently it is not quite out yet in the UK.)

eta: & thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sbp for awesome tech reviewer work on it!

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