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It turns out that the desktop + laptop + standard sets of software on the Debian installer are - quite large, actually. So, I have to reinstall the eeeeeepc for about the 4 millionth time this month[0], and it really needs to be kicked off tonight (for a different-article-related reason), and by god it's taking enough time. So here I sit, noodling on the interwebs instead of doing something useful such as writing my diary, or putting the sheets back on the bed, both of which need to occur prior to bedtime. Especially the latter.

The beer I carefully left in the fridge yesterday for just this purpose has done its job of bringing me down from my customary post-drama-class MASSIVE HIGH. It was a good evening - the little scene Manoj & I had to work up came out really well (plus the iterative process of generating it was in itself fun), and we did a character exercise which I accidentally made significantly harder for myself when my brain lept onto an already existing character that I'd been thinking about all afternoon. Also I then had to be her IN ACTUAL PUBLIC for 10 seconds, which was a bit alarming.

Anyway! I shall go be useful.

I leave you with a query borne of thinking about social interactions & some of my own beliefs about them and myself in connection with them. If someone makes a social offer to you - says "You should come over for coffee sometime", for example - is your first assumption that this is 100% genuine, or is it "they're probably just being polite"? Would you contact them saying "How about that coffee, then?", or wait for them to make a more concrete offer? Why/why not/etc?

[0] The perils of writing an article on netbook distros.

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