juliet: My dog Sidney jumping off the bandstand in the park (sidney jumping)
Splint came off on Wednesday (a week early due to the physio miscounting, but they said it seems to have healed fine so may as well get on with it). This is VERY PLEASING. It's still a bit achey (especially when I do the painful physio exercises to get the range of motion back), but I can, y'know, move it around and so forth. (Still not v good at holding things, sadly.)

This also means I can CYCLE again, albeit somewhat against advice. (My justification: a) it doesn't hurt, as long as I take it off the bars for potholey bits so it doesn't get jiggled, and the physio said anything that doesn't hurt is fine; b) I'm riding fixed so don't need to brake with that hand, just to balance a bit; c) it says 'sport' is not OK and I do not cycle as a 'sport'; d) yesterday I met someone who broke his leg in 3 places and is still riding fixed in the walking cast, so, um, I am not the least sensible person?). It is *so* good to be back on a bike and not reliant on buses/Tubes/etc, especially as fares are bloody expensive.

I do not think I will be riding long distances just yet, though!

ION: Sidney is currently snoozing under my desk in just the right place for me to warm my toes up on her. Bless.

IOON: the allotment has some weeds in, but happily also some actual veg. Also strawberries.

I am sure I have been doing things other than having a broken thumb and visiting the allotment of late, but apparently I have forgotten all of them. This is what happens when you don't update very often. This weekend I intend to visit the carnival thing that's happening in Southwark Park (no dogs, sadly, so Sid will have to miss out on the dodgems and tango lessons), and go check out the gardens on the barges at Tower Bridge (part of Open Garden Squares Weekend). So I hope it stops raining before then.


May. 5th, 2010 12:21 pm
juliet: My dog Sidney jumping off the bandstand in the park (sidney jumping)
I have broken my thumb. ouch. Was attempting to remove Sidney from a huge pile of bread scraps some idiot had dumped in the park, and got entangled in her rear legs. Hit the deck with a nasty crunching sound emanating from left thumb. After tea & chocolate failed to resolve the situation, took self to Guy's Minor Injuries Unit (which is seriously ace) where they prodded, xrayed, & then sent me home with a huge temporary cast and a hand clinic appt for tomorrow. (Which is all impressively speedy. I love the NHS!)

ANYWAY. Typing one-handed is a bit of a bitch, frankly, esp if you've been touch-typing since age 8 :/ . shall attempt to limit it & save self for upcoming deadlines. hopefully fairly soon I can stop having to keep it elevated & can at least attempt 9-finger typing.

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