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Apr. 8th, 2010 09:51 pm
juliet: Tiny baby shoot of rhubarb (baby rhubarb!)

Just to get rid of open FF tabs again...

ION: have had a lovely fortnight's holiday in, variously, Northern Ireland, and Boston (Lincolnshire, not the other one); of that latter, more anon. Now I am back in London & surprisingly busy for someone whose work is only full-time in the loosest possible sense (i.e. that sense in which it is the only thing that I am doing in the paid work line, rather than any sense in which I actually work an approximation to what this society considers to be full-time hours. I like it very much this way.). The dog continues to be adorable, time-consuming, and an agent of chaos. And it is spring properly today ftb I wore my sandals to the park. Down with proper shoes! Also the first tiny asparagus shoots are appearing in the allotment.

juliet: White flags against a blue sky, at the Glade Festival (glade flags)

Clearing out Firefox tabs, so this is a slightly random set of links:

(The slightly alarming thing is that, having cleared out all the tabs that were just waiting to be linked to somewhere, I now still have about 20 tabs which are waiting for me to read them / watch them / do something with them. [sigh].)

juliet: Climate Camp logo: 3 tripods with banners, very colourful (climate camp)
The head of the IPCC has walked out of the Bella Centre to join the protestors. Bloody hell. (the Bella Centre is where the current main talks are happening).

Various NGOs including Friends of the Earth have been banned from the talks (FoE held a sit-in in the reception). Tear gas and police batons being used on the protestors outside.

More information as-it-happens here:

Meanwhile, back in the UK, tar sands protest yesterday outside the Canadian Embassy went very well. Photos here, and Canadian press coverage here.

There's a demo tomorrow (Thu) outside the Danish embassy about the treatment of protestors in Copenhagen. Address: 55 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9SR; time: 16:00; dress code: black; mood: pissed off.

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