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Off to Nottingham for the weekend for the Great Climate Swoop! I shall hopefully be twittering throughout (or look for the #swoop tag). I'm doing Legal Observer Stuffs this time due in large part to my increasingly dodgy leg.

This is really very early to be on a train. I think Finlay-the-dog was a bit confused as I left the house before dawn this morning. (for once he didn't attempt to follow me & the bike out the door, but stood on the doorstep with his "but it's cold!" expression on.)
juliet: Climate Camp logo: 3 tripods with banners, very colourful (climate camp)
A handful of Climate Camp protestors (inc several people I know!) occupied the lobby of Edelman, E.On's PR company, on Tuesday. (E.On are the company who want to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. And I think elsewhere as well.)

Video of the protest.
Video response made last night to Edelman's post-event attempts at spin.
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Didn't make it to Climate Camp? Did make it but would like to help out a bit more? The camp's nearly finished, but the final stage of tatdown (i.e. returning the common at Blackheath to its former pristine state) is TONIGHT, when the last set of vans will be loaded up between 6pm and 9pm. If you're free, your assistance would be enormously valued. To quote from the email I've just seen on the list:

"If your only contribution to tat down is to come for this 3 hour period then you'll have really helped without all that tiresome hanging about which is the worst bit of this part of the camp."


Sep. 2nd, 2009 06:26 pm
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Drive-by post: recommend me some music!

Just back from Climate Camp. Have large to-do list, but also many plans. And a cold (which may just be hay-related irritation: much of camp furniture was constructed largely or wholly from haybales, and it was v windy).
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Response from the Climate Camp media team to the Met's request that they be told where the camp will be, with lots of nice photos. (Text version here, but the video is worth watching for all the shiny photos!)

(Executive summary: "Thank you for worrying about our wellbeing. Previous evidence indicates that we can manage our own wellbeing just fine, and the hitting, theft, and illegal searches only happen when the police show up. So if you could stay away that would be lovely. kthxbye.")

Report from last week's meeting with the police. The current information is that the Met don't intend to stop the camp from forming, or to brief against us to the landowner (they accept that we leave sites in better nick than when we arrived!). Which is nice.

Sign up for the Swoop on Wednesday!

Meanwhile I am trying to get lots of work done today, so I can go to the British Museum with Mum & Wendy tomorrow, & then head off to camp for the week on Wednesday.
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The Climate Camp in London is kicking off on Wednesday! Come join the swoop on the site, or watch this space for a location & come along later in the week.

Workshops programme out now - good things: many many interesting workshops! bad things: will not be able to go to all of the ones I want to due to clashes, bah. Lots of DIY skillshare stuff.

Last year was an absolutely fantastic experience & incredibly inspiring - I really encourage anyone who's free to come along. It's running over the weekend this time, so if you can't take time off work, come along for the day or for the weekend and check out what's happening.

I'll be twittering over the week (on twitter as julietk) - text/email me if you're coming along, or come along to the London Neighbourhood marquee when you're onsite. Happy to answer questions if anyone has them now or onsite :)

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