juliet: My rat Ash, at 6 wks old, climbing up the baby-rat-tank and peering over the edge (ash exploring)
+ Massage this morning; that damn bruise from the Cambodia bike accident really is very nearly gone now.
- I ache like hell now from it! (OK, this is still a + in the long run, indicating as it does that something actually useful occurred.)
+ interesting chat with various interesting people both during & after the poly discussion group this evening.
- 4 months is really only just enough (with one or two happy exceptions) to start to get to know people, & now I am *leaving* again.
+ turns out that cycling back up the hill from Redfern isn't as bad as I'd feared, if you have "Dance Before The Storm" playing v loudly on the iPod.
- singing along to "Dance Before The Storm" at top volume whilst going up the hill from Redfern at speed led to the brief but sincere belief that I was about to lose a lung. (Not that this stopped me from attempting to sing.[0])
+ I am going to Queensland on Sunday, to camp on a coral island! Like in the book by R M Ballantyne except with less in the shipwreck line, I sincerely hope!
+ Someone said something I found offensive, and I called them on it (politely & in a way I was happy with), and they agreed & apologised, and it was all v productive. Maybe I am finally turning into an emotionally competent grownup.
- Someone said something much more personally offensive on Monday night, and I didn't call them on it (because I was caught massively off-guard & didn't really register how out of line they were until later), and I'm still cross about it. Grumble.
+ I did lots of useful work (OK, some useful work) today despite
- being very much not remotely in the mood to do work.
+ I can has medical certificate[1]
+ it has just started raining v hard and I am not out in the bike in it!
+ drama class performance thing was on Monday & it went v well. In particular I was pleased with my bit. Am contemplating investigating similar stuff when I return to London.

So that is a WIN for the +s, good.

[0] Curiously, I do actually climb better whilst singing, despite theoretically using up valuable oxygen. I assume this is because a) encourages me to breathe better anyway, & b) really my problem with hills isn't the legs, it's the inclination, and I try harder when I'm singing to something cheering.
[1] The freighter-people want confirmation that I'm hale & hearty, owing as how there's no medical staff on board. I wonder what happens if you break your leg in the middle of the ocean? I guess they have a first aid kit and a first aid trained person, but do they have to airlift you off or something to get it set? NB I do not intend to break my leg, or indeed any other part of my anatomy.

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