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It occurred to me after ConFest last weekend that I didn't see anywhere (on the tickets, on the programme thingy, anywhere else) any acknowledgement to the traditional owners of the land. This struck me (although I confess to not noticing it at the time), because that acknowledgement is something I have seen at most official/governmental establishments (including museums and suchlike), and also something I saw at Exodus, the other festival I've been to in Australia (psytrancery). There wasn't (as, again, there was at Exodus) as far as I could see (and I did look for this) any explicit involvement of the traditional owners. Given the hippy/alternative/etc background of ConFest, the omission surprises (and saddens) me.

This also links to my discomfort with what felt like not just cultural appropriation, but fairly incompetent cultural appropriation, at one of the workshops I went to[0]. Lots of banging on about 'traditional medicine wheels' and 'tribes' and 'Father Sun' and a whole lot of similar stuff. Now, I am aware that making assumptions about people's cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds based on appearance is very dodgy, so yes, it's possible that the two leaders of the workshop were screwing around with their own cultural background. They didn't make any claim to that, though, and if that was the case, I still think they were doing it in a very dubious fashion. (It *sounded* very like random mix-&-match wet liberal hippy nonsense, with which I am depressingly familiar, and it didn't match up with anything I have learnt about the way the culture of the Indigneous peoples here works.)

Unfortunately, of course, this isn't that unusual; liberal/alternative/etc != aware of this shit. And when chatting to a couple of people involved with the organising co-op (about totally unrelated matters), I was struck by what seemed like a fairly aggressive attitude, and not all that much self- or other-awareness :-/ (Some of which I tried to challenge a bit, but, hm. With I think maybe limited success, and I'm not good at pushing, especially given the social context of the conversation.)

[0] I should note that I did actually get some useful stuff from the workshops; but I was uncomfortable with the way they packaged it up.
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Executive summary of Confest: enormous amounts of awesomeness, many very splendid people, some challenging stuff that I'm still processing, lots & lots of dust, lovely river, naked dancing by fire to drumming (hello am big hippy), did I mention the awesome people?

More to follow. Am bloody knackered now due to 13 hr drive home (shared driving with Chris, who is an excellent person to share a 13 hr drive with due to a) not minding my music, b) not minding my singing, c) singing as well!, & d) politely pointing out when I'd forgotten about 5th gear rather than demanding that I stop the car forthwith & let him drive it instead.

I am now showered & moderately clean (my feet are going to take some soaking to get *all* the dirt out... it was really very dusty). Tiredness can be measured by fact that I got into the shower and stood waiting for the water to heat up for a good couple of minutes before I realised that I'd put the cold tap on. Then spent next 5 min trying to work out whether the taps are the wrong way round, & which way round which of the Four Squares taps are. But due to consumption of coffee at 21:30 to do last bit of drive am now wired at same time as tired, thus on internets rather than e.g. asleep. Also am scared will have enormous post-festival emotional crash the moment I stop doing stuff.[0]

In less good news: opened fridge to find SOMETHING SCUTTLING OMG FUCK. I screamed quietly & shut the fridge again v fast. CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW HOW THE HELL DID IT GET IN THERE ARGH. Maybe it's a big hairy spider that came in with the bananas rather than a cockroach. We can but hope.

ANYWAY yes hot chocolate now. Hello!

[0] 'Hm,' I thought on the way home, 'actually I haven't had major post-festival crash for ages! Maybe I am better at dealing with it these days.' Then I realised that these days, the Bermondsey Collective in some form or other gathers up at our place for the days/evenings immediately post-festival & thus crash is nicely cushioned. Oh dear. I anticipate tomorrow being a bit *hairy*, esp with article deadline as well. Pls send fluff.

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