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Latest stage in ongoing housetraining attempts with Sidney: me staying up until 3am to take her out every 45 min or so (unsuccessful: she doesn't like going to the toilet when on-lead, & if let off-lead in the square at night she gets wildly distracted & goes sniffing round the rat-holes at the bottom). At that point I was sufficiently stressed that it wasn't worth keeping going, so I slept on the sofa in the living-room instead (until handing over to P at 7am & sleeping for a couple of hrs actually in bed). The good news is, she was clean overnight. The bad news is, I am absolutely knackered & drinking coffee for the second time this week :-/

Did go climbing yesterday, though, which was top fun. Did assorted 4* bouldering problems, and then worked out the first half of a V0, which I was pleased with . (And Sidney was left alone for 3 hrs & seemed fine with this, although she did rip up a bit of abandoned cardboard once she'd finished with her Kong.)
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I love overnight trains for the time-savings (do not waste entire day with 14 hr journey!) but do not love them for the experience of trying to sleep in an upright seat. Or even two upright seats. What I really love in overnight trains is where they have proper sleepers which I can actually afford (c.f. Russia, China, Vietnam, SE Asia generally. Actually even the London-Scotland sleepers are affordable with advance tickets, as was the Cologne-Moscow one. The Sydney-Brisbane service doesn't have any sort of sleeper.).

Anyway! So after maybe 6 hrs of interrupted sleep and a 7am arrival into Brisbane, I went in search of COFFEE and now I am vibrating slightly. (And feel a little unwell, which is my *other* reaction to the consumption of caffeine.) On the upside, actually did Useful Work (of the sort that translates into Useful Cash) over breakfast. (Should now do more Useful Work, really.)

Things that are the awesome:
* wireless modem enabling me to sit on floor in Roma St station & have internets, also in cafe & have internets, etc etc.
* nice person who let me have the time remaining in their locker for free (even if I was v slightly suspicious about this & did not *entirely* relax until I was back here & could rescue rucksack).
* it is sunny in Brisbane!
* I am going to go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef!

Thing which is really really awesome: went surfing yesterday morning & actually got on waves at the *correct* point, viz, before rather than after they had broken. (Baby surfers learn on the white water bit; being a big wuss, I kind of got stuck there for a while.) Admittedly the waves in question were pretty titchy, but still. The advantage of having spent so much time messing around in the white water is that I'm now pretty confident/comfortable on the board once I'm on my feet. Hopefully will get a bit of surfing in tomorrow in Agnes Water assuming the conditions are anything like.

Equally hopefully, will make my bus connection (should have 15 min for a 1km walk... I might give the coach terminal a ring, they're usually quite helpful about this sort of thing IME) this afternoon. Otherwise I will have to get a bus to Fingerboard Road, wild camp overnight (I am in fact equipped to do this if need be, assuming I can get water in Bundaberg, since the next few days includes a night's pack-everything-including-water-in camping on a coral island), & get another bus to Agnes Water in the morning.

Have now booked my train ticket to Melbourne in a fortnight's time, as well as booking shipping home for Cepheus-the-bike and a tea-chest full of Stuff, and telling my not-exactly-landlady when I'm leaving[0]. Which is all a little alarming, and also sad. Not that I'll make it back home before the start of July, mind: freighter travel is what you might call *sedate* in its speed.

This post brought to you by a combination of caffeine and sleep deprivation. Whee!

[0] NB: anyone sending letters that will leave the UK after about the start of May, or parcels[1] that will leave the UK after the start of this week: these should prob be sent c/o my cousin Carol in Melbourne.
[1] This is not just wild optimism, I am expecting at least one parcel before I leave :)

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