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I am plugging away merrily on the old-albums bit of my 101 things list, but there's also something on there about new bands, and about getting recommendations from my friends. Obviously, this is an excellent opportunity to merge the two together.

So: anyone suggest me some bands I may not already know/know of? (For those unfamiliar with my existing tastes: the 30GB of music I have on this laptop is heavily biased towards indie (esp of the mid/late 90s variety), with a fair chunk these days of minimal techno, psytrance, Scooter & other similar silly rave music, musicals, 60s rock 'n' roll, 80s pop, some gothish stuff (Covenant: goth happy hardcore!), & classical of various sorts. But I will listen to most stuff at least once.)

ION: bravely opened fridge again this morning & found dead cockroach, so I suspect I left the fridge door a smidge open over the weekend (bad environmentalist, no biscuit) & then it died of cold overnight when I shut it properly. It has been disposed of.

IOON: why am I not working on the deadline I have today? Because my brain is still bleeding out of my ears and as soon as I've got some of the easy things off today's to-do list I am going to have a little nap. Hopefully when I wake up again I will be competent to deal with complicated things like articles.

IOOON: I want to go surfing (sea! sea good!), but am clearly too knackered to cycle all the way to Bondi & throw myself at waves for two hours, so will refrain. TOMORROW.

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