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Sep. 25th, 2011 04:25 pm
juliet: Drawing of knitting needles and ball of yarn (knitting)
Anyone interested in about a jumper's worth of purple Rowan Linen Drape yarn? I know it's about a jumper's worth because it used to be a jumper before I ripped it all back. After the 3rd abortive attempt to construct it into something, I have concluded that I'm just not all that keen on it (either the feel or the colour or *something*) & should get rid of it to someone who might appreciate it.

Happy to post or to arrange delivery...
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Another "selection of random things" post, then.

I went climbing yesterday & had AWESOME FUN, despite (or perhaps because of) falling off several times & sustaining a splendid bruise to the elbow. (Falling off is kind of good for you, though, because hey: you fall off, no major harm done, more inclined to throw yourself into it next time.) There are at least two things that I really love about climbing: the meditative nature of it (not thinking about anything other than what you're doing at the time); and the fact that it's about both physical ability (being able to do particular things) and mental puzzle (how can I get from A to B?). The physical exertion/exercise part helps, too. Anyway: I now have a decent pair of shoes (thank you [personal profile] doop) & a harness (thank you Mum & Dad), both for Xmas, which obviously commits me to going a lot & making use of them :)

This has led me to a certain amount of contemplating about the sports/physical activities that I enjoy & what it is that I get out of them; as opposed to the ones which I'm still not remotely interested in. I still have this mental image of myself as "not very physically inclined" from school sports, which these days is kind of out of date; but of course basically everything we did at school fell into the second category, and I hated it.

I've also been writing a lot, which is cool but a little scary so I will not say anything more about that. (Although I will put here links to the two things I wrote for the Yuletide fic exchange.)

On the subject of making things: someone on my FL linked to an auction to help Haiti, so if you want a pair of hand-knit socks, wander over there to make a bid.

This CGI video is seriously beautiful, and v hard to believe that it's all CGI.

I could have sworn I had other things to say here, but apparently not.
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  • Finlay likes eating snow, apparently. It is about the most excited I have seen him be about anything outside since that squirrel he chased in St James' Park. (Well. I say 'excited'. What I really mean is 'focussed'. He's not what you'd call an excitable dog, in general.) Unfortunately he seems to have some belief that snow is a sensible alternative to actually eating his dinner, but hopefully getting Xmas leftovers will help with that.

  • Stomach bugs really, really suck. Particular highlights: throwing up so hard my sinuses hurt; the stage at which moving from upstairs to downstairs required a five-minute lie down on the landing in the middle. Feeling a bit better now but still wobbly.

  • Saw Nine Lessons & Carols For Godless People last week, which was fun. Some good, some less good, but the good was well worth attending for, & if they ran it again next year I'd go.

  • Will the Xmas knitting be done in time? Who knows! Current bets say: maybe, just about.

  • I am sure other things have happened, but I can't remember any of them. Trafalgar Square clearup, LARC solstice party, snow snow snow. My ongoing attempt to get rid of more stuff (have just started to go through the CDs. Anyone know of somewhere that will take piles of CDs in exchange for cash? Only worth it if they will just take the lot, so the MVE is no good.)

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