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Bit belated on this one, but I think I can still remember what Monday looked like...

Leon woke up around 7.30, roughly when [personal profile] doop brought my breakfast up. Handed Leon over to him as soon as I could detach him and escaped with my slightly cold toast to read the internet, have breakfast, & shower.

doop headed off to work around 8.15. Leon and I played on the floor a bit, chatted to [personal profile] dogrando, got ourselves rocket-suited* and booted and slung up, and took the dog for a longish walk in the park. We met Sidney's doggy chum Box (so named because he was found in a cardboard box as a puppy) and they ran roundandroundandround until they wore themselves out. Score.

Got back around 09:30. Leon had a very long feed and fell asleep. Woke up a bit later for another feed and fell back asleep. I read for a bit, knitted for a bit, sorted our stuff out for going out just before 11, and then fretted about whether to wake the baby or to be late. Eventually tried just picking him up to put him in the trike, but he woke up and had to deal with pottying him and attempting to make him less grouchy at being rudely awoken. Gave up, strapped him into the trike, and hurtled down the road to Sing & Sign.

Where we arrived at 11:15, so only 15 min late. Sang and signed until 12. Leon fed a few times (he is back in a 'feeding like a newborn' stage), and careered round the floor of the hall at high speed and climbed onto the radiators, as per. Most of the other babies aren't mobile yet so it's him and one other little boy exploring while the teacher person makes reassuring noises about kinaesthetic learners. (Which is good; if she was the sort of person who insisted that they sit still, we just wouldn't be able to go, as I'm not prepared to force an 11 month old to sit still in that context if he doesn't want to and he's not about to damage himself or anything else. )

Got back home at 12:15, and Leon emptied out one of the kitchen cupboards while I put a cauliflower and some potatoes on to roast for lunch.

My mum came round at 1, so I made tea, and she and Leon played upstairs while I did some tidying up and washing up and steamed some carrots and other such excitements. Chatted to Mum, eventually had lunch. Leon can now use a plate without tipping it all over the floor (until he gets bored at the end, anyway), which is civilised progress. Utensils are still beyond him. Another cup of tea with Mum, then took the dog out for her afternoon walk while Mum and Leon stayed home.

Got back just after 3 to a slightly overtired baby (he won't sleep when exciting people are around). Mum headed home, we waved her off, then Leon had a nice long feed and napped I think until 6 ? With intermittent rousings to feed and go back to sleep. I did a bit of writing, read a bit, knitted a bit... He still sleeps either on my lap or on the sofa next to me so there's a limit on what I get up to during his naps. If I put him down in a bed he'll just rouse after 45 min and I'll have to resettle him anyway, so I may as well just grab the iPad and do stuff on that.

Once he woke up I think we just pottered a bit. He played on the floor, I knitted, he brought me a book to read, he had another feed, he wriggled off my lap to go play some more... Then he had another go at coming down the stairs (a skill he has been working on for weeks; it's more difficult because the stairgate at the top of the stairs has a lip to get over), and finally cracked it. He went all the way down the stairs, into the kitchen, and was busily playing with the cupboards when doop got in (later than usual as he had an interview), whereupon Leon belted enthusiastically over to him to be picked up, and I ran away upstairs to do the Treasurer's Report for the AGM of my local nature reserve.

doop and Leon brought me tea and toast, and I finished off the report. doop made dinner. Pete came home at some point and we all had pasta. I fed Leon to sleep at around 9.30, then did a bit of knitting (making a shawl for d's sister for her wedding) and reading, and possibly had a bath? was that Monday? Went to bed around 11. It would be better to go to bed earlier, really, especially as Leon is waking 2 or 3 times a night on a good night. But I like doing some stuff by myself in the evening, so...

* Leon's snowsuit has ROCKETS on.

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