May. 29th, 2010 09:50 am
juliet: My old PowerBook in pieces all over the desk (tech mac insides)
Because Uncle Steve loves me, I got my iPad a whole day early, on Thursday. I have not quite spent all my time since then playing with it, honest. Conclusion: very very shiny indeed.

I am especially impressed with iBooks, although I need more download suggestions (public domain only available currently in the UK, it seems; although I do have the Kindle app as well & may experiment with that. I'd kind of rather keep everything in one place, though). Recommend me books! Am currently downloading a film to see how that works.

Also, if any iPhone users can recommend me apps, that would also be good. I have iSSH already, and some other bits & bobs.

And yes, I did write this on it. The keyboard is pretty usable for touch-typing in landscape, although it has revealed that I have a couple of overly long fingernails which clack awkwardly.

(Things that attract positive attention from bar staff: bringing a dog in; showing your friends your iPad. I can confirm that the Royal Oak is both dog- and Apple-friendly :-). Sidney was really very well-behaved & fell asleep under the table after a bit - the lovely chap behind the bar let us know when a larger corner table became free so we could fit at it and tuck her away out of the road. They also provided a bowl of water, bless. Royal Oak in 'continues awesome' shocker!)

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